The Institute of Materials Science is a multidisciplinary thematic institute of the Sorbonne University Alliance. Bringing together several institutions, the institutes are designed to bring together several disciplines in innovative projects, breaking away from the traditional divisions in the organisation of research.


Materials are at the heart of major sectors of the economy and are omnipresent in society.The Materials Science Institute of the Sorbonne University Alliance encourages innovation, interdisciplinarity and fundamental and applied research on materials to help meet the major challenges facing society and the economy.


The Sorbonne University Alliance brings together major players in the field of materials. The Institute's mission is to strengthen their collaboration by supporting ambitious research projects, promoting new interdisciplinary training initiatives and developing international exchanges with academia and industry, thereby actively contributing to the Alliance's international reputation.


The Institute's scope covers current and future research in materials science, at the interface of several disciplines: chemistry, physics, earth sciences and engineering. In the field of energy and sustainable development, topics may include energy production and storage or the life cycle of materials.Bio-assisted synthesis, optimised or targeted for specific properties, and the functionalisation of surfaces are relevant examples for the industrial and health fields.

The institute is also interested in the new fundamental properties of hybrid, functional or reduced-dimension materials and the devices that can emerge from them. Finally, developments in materials engineering and innovative study techniques and methods are natural themes for the institute.

Two thematic areas of research support

Following discussions in July 2023 at the iMAT Scientific Day, followed by a day of work and consultation with the Strategic Committee, the 4 thematic areas have been combined into 2 areas proposed simultaneously for the 2024 PAA:

  • Innovative materials for sustainable society: e.g. in the fields of energy, the environment, health, etc.
  • fundamental challenges in material sciences: research for creating knowledge


Emmanuel Sautjeau

Administration, communication