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MATerials, Interfaces, Surfaces, Environment

Research at the iMAT

The range of the Institute’s activities covers basic to applied research, in materials science and at the interface of several disciplines: chemistry, physics, earth sciences, heritage studies and engineering.

Research programme

Support actions are numerous and take place at different levels of the research process:
the main one concerns direct support to research programs by massively funding
doctoral and postdoctoral contracts.

  • PhD contracts : fully funded three-year doctoral contracts, with financing for operating expenses and travel.
  • Postdoctoral contracts : fully funded one-year postdoctoral contracts, with an environment for operating expenses and travel.
  • Seed and Consumables : Exploratory grants are among projects submitted to the Call for Doctoral Projects, which are not selected but which are considered sufficiently promising for an incentive start.
  • events : the institut organize different type of events to enhance the scientific life.

Four priority domains for identifying

IMat encourages the emergence of original responses to challenges societal and economic, industrial and environmental problems, as well as fundamental or methodological issues :

  • Energy, Environment, Sustainability
  • Society, Health, Industry
  • Challenges and fundamental research
  • Procedures,Technology,Innovation


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