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AI for Materials and Nanoscience

5 november 2020 - 9h/18h (Paris time)

Scientific meeting proposed and organized by Ali Abou-Hassan (PHENIX) and Marco Saitta (IMPMC).

+ Consulter le site de Scai (Sorbonne center for artificial intelligence)

This meeting is organized by Sorbonne University in partnership with the CNRS, and the different components involved in nanomaterials research at the university: teaching departments department (UFRs), laboratories, institutes and initiatives. The day will be organized in two parts.

First, a scientific conference allowing to draw up a panorama of research at the crossroads of artificial intelligence and nanomaterials: simulation, optimization, synthesis, etc. It will give the floor to several Parisian and international researchers working at the forefront of research on the subject.

Then, a workshop between researchers wishing to use artificial intelligence tools in their own work and experts in artificial intelligence. Presentation of the scientific themes, available data, issues and stakes. Panorama of Artificial Intelligence at Sorbonne University.

Depending on the health situation, this conference might be online only.

download the program (2 MB)


Morning - Location: Amphi Durand - Esclangon

  • 09.00 - Welcome & coffee
  • 09.30 - Introduction - Nathalie Drach-Temam (Sorbonne Université), Niels Keller (CNRS) et Alexandre Legris (CNRS)
  • 10.00 - Lamiae Azizi (University of Sydney), IA for nanomaterials at the University of Sydney
  • 10.30 - Andrew DeMello (ETH Zurich), Simple Microfluidics and Low Level Machine Learning: Towards Intelligent Synthesis of Bespoke Nanomaterials 
  • 11.00 - Jörg Behler (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), Neural Network Potentials for Atomistic Simulations of Complex Materials
  • 11.30 - Jean-Claude Crivello (ICMPE), Supervised learning in materials science: predicting thermodynamic data as an example
  • 12.00 - A. Marco Saitta (Sorbonne University), AI and computational materials physics and chemistry at Sorbonne University

12.30 - Lunch break

Afternoon - Workshop - Location : SCAI seminar room - Esclangon

  • 13.30 - AI panorama and techniques / SCAI - G. Biau 
  • 14.00 Presentations of local scientific challenges (10’) - FLASH
  • 15.00 Discussion & Coffee
  • 17.00 End of day


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